Jeanne Willis (author) and Ruth Brown’s In Search of the Hidden Giant is a remarkably good book. We found this book hidden away in an out of the way corner in an old antique’s store. Initially, I didn’t even think the book was for sale. Fortunately, I picked it up, due to the eye-catching Fall color schema, which I love any time of year. I was expecting an overt and unimaginative tale of giants, so I was a bit confused by this book. It was a dollar, so bought it for the colors and decided to use it for “fill” for the fall curriculum. I left it in a bag with a bunch of other books, and thankfully just came across it again.

In Search of the Hidden Giant is a quiet but intriguing tale of two kids who go off on trek into the woods looking for an elusive giant who always seems to be hiding one step ahead of them. In some instances, the giant seems to be a stone’s throw away or perilously right under foot. When the kids finally find the giant, there’s a bit of a surprise that might disappoint kids with less imagination but thrill kids who are coming to understand the role and power of imagination. I LOVE this book.

Hiddent Giant

Hidden Giant