The vagaries of the economy finally caught up with me late last year. After 15 years of continuous employment (11 as a computer consultant), I found myself unemployed. I used that time to really test my commitment to homeschooling. The experience was wonderful. My child and I were able to suspend entire days of uninterrupted schooling time together, and our family rhythm greatly benefitted from it. However, I suddenly found myself working a new job for 12 hours a day and McDonald’s type wages. I literally walked away from that job and embarked on the adventure of trying to support a child with NO income whatsoever. Fortunately, I was able to obtain another consulting position, but the impact on our homeschooling exercise was fairly meteoric.

Throughout the spring and summer of last year, we had a fairly standardized routine. We faithfully followed a lively combination of Live Education and EarthSchooling curricula. We also spent a fair amount of time augmenting our indoor circle and crafting time with trips to a state forest, working farm, and playground. The Waldorf festival schedule was also easy to observe. During the abrupt transition to a thankless, temporary job, everything fell by the wayside. There was no time to plan or gather together resources for our focus table. There was no energy for or interest in late night homeschooling sessions, and festivals were forgotten. We chose to forego special blocks on things like owls and mushrooms. Instead, we took the easy way out around the end of the year. We read popular books on the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. There was no Martinmas, Advent, or Yule for us this year. Homeschooling became an undesirable chore against the backdrop of our new and unforgiven lifestyle. Fortunately, I walked away from it all and found my current position. This allows me to work close to home and leave work behind when I leave the office. While I’d much rather spend the days with my child, the new schedule and stability have gotten us back on track. I’ll be posting some of the highlights from the late Fall and Winter season and continue on to our new developments.