During our early homeschool attempts, we made a lot of use of educational diagrams from a shop called “Parts of Wonder.” “Parts of Wonder” was an Etsy offering, that sold adorable fabric folio folders containing re-printable, laminated masters of educational diagrams. For instance, diagrams would depict discrete parts of leaves, mushrooms, and various animals. The master could be printed out for the purpose of coloring and general re-use. The folder also contained a number of laminated and non-laminated labels such as “cap”, “stalk”, “gills” for a mushroom or “head,” “beak” and talons for a bird. Children could either match up the laminated labels with the actual part on the illustrated diagram or glue a non-laminated label to the diagram.

My son got a lot of use out of the Parts of Wonder kits, but the shop is sadly defunct. but it is sadly defunct. We have looked around for similar resources, but we have not found anything quite so impressive. Fortunately, I did manage to find one, useful bird diagram that I made use of during our migration block.