Halloween was an incredible let down. We were hit by an historic Halloween snow storm that dumped several inches of snow on us. Worse, it took out the power. The actual snow storm took place on Saturday night and ended sometime Sunday. We were in the middle of pre-Halloween festivities. I had a youtube playlist blasting seasonal music in the background. I had DVDs of unsettling imagery playing on the TV. We had Chinese food and were just settling down to watch a scary movie. However, the power just cut out and stayed out for two days. We suddenly found ourselves plunged into darkness with no heat in the middle of a snow storm that shouldn’t even be happening. We hunkered down, but Sunday morning showed no signs of hope for Halloween. Several towns had lost power and were all but completely shut down. By the time Halloween Monday rolled around, Halloween was cancelled along with school and various other things depending on the town. I don’t recall anything like this in 40 years. Though Halloween was ultimately rescheduled for the following Friday, the Halloween spirit was long gone. At least there’s next year.

This was the costume my son intended to wear on Halloween.

Thanks to the freak snow storm and the chill temperatures, my son ended up looking like a very bulging Michelin Man. He had to wear his “soul reaper” costume over his puffy winter coats and boots. Not quite the same effect….

A “soul reaper” IMO is synonymous with the Grim Reaper which is essentially Death. Whoever heard of a fat Death??? Not right….