I happened by a local discount store that sells one-off products either from foreclosed businesses, fire sales, or so forth. While there, I happened upon some surprising toys on offer. Not only did they have a Underground Railroad game (of all things) they had a beautiful paint set featuring various individuals representative to one Native American culture. I think the figures represent traditional Cheyenne dress, but I do not remember. Whatever the case may be, I decided that this was a worthy impulse buy. I wanted my son to focus on the many native persons who helped the pilgrims survive in their new country, and this was one way for my son to have something “real” to him in his five year old understanding. He absolutely loved his plastic Native Americans and eagerly got them ready for the big Thanksgiving feast. Here, I should note that my own family has Native American ancestry and I am well aware of the controversy surrounding Thanksgiving and Native Americans in general. However, due to my son’s young age, I edited out some but not all of the unpleasantries that occurred subsequent to the Native American/Pilgram encounter. That topic will be left for other days.