As I was perusing various videos looking for Christmas ideas, I came across a video featuring an “Advent Box.” I had heard of calendars, but never a box. The individual in the video explained with much relish that he had received Advent calendars from various persons. However, his he was most fond of an amazing, handmade Advent box that his girlfriend designed and built for him. The box appeared to contain 24 little bags of goodies hidden amongst greenery and bells and other elements reminiscent of Christmas and/or Advent. Obviously, I had to create one myself for my son. This ushered in a week of grueling hand-sewing and beading interspersed with secret toy runs and life in general. After losing sleep over the creation for some days now, I suddenly realized that I will likely not get any real sleep for another 3 weeks or so. The Advent box is such a hit that my son jumps out out of bed every morning to reach inside for his prize. If I do not get up right at 6AM, he will hem and haw for an hour about how I refuse to get out of bed to watch him root around in the bagged and hidden treasures. One just can’t win sometimes!