My son and I have been slacking off on the homeschooling due to the sheer amount of magic that’s been happening during the month of December. One day prior to Christmas, we tried to get with our usual program and we studied the properties, history and folklore surrounding peppermint and peppermint products. My son tasted, touched and examined mint leaves. He learned that diverse products such as candy canes and toothpaste were either made from peppermint or given a peppermint taste due to the perceived medicinal properties and overall fresh feeling that the plant leaves in the mouth. Similarly, he learned about the storied history of candy canes. I just wished that I had know that a German immigrant named August Imgard was associated with the first appearance of the candy cane in the US. I would have worked that fact in somehow, but I’m sure he would have quickly forgotten it.


Peppermint & Candy Canes