Who would have thought that the busy, child-eating Krampus would have taken time enough time out of its annual Christmas jaunt in Germany to visit my son in the states? I could never have envisioned such a thing, but my son got lucky this year. Krampusnacht (“Krampus Night”) normally occurs earlier in December, right before St. Nick’s day. However, the Krampus seems to have rescheduled the whole affair for December 23rd. Very late on this evening, my son and I were awoken by the most dreadful sounds. Together, we walked through the dimly-lit hallway and into the kitchen. We were wary about the sounds and proceeded with caution. Then, before our very eyes, we watched as an enormous, man-sized beast covered in black fur rose up from behind our little kitchen island. My son was taken aback by the sight and–without a single word–tried to pull me away from the beast. I couldn’t think of anything else to do, so I followed him back to my bedroom. There, we hopped in bed and shut the door. The Krampus then continued to storm about the house shaking furniture, clawing walls, shaking chains and generally making a nuisance of himself. The next morning, my son was not so sure that the Krampus had gone. After all, my son had not ended up in the Krampus basket, and he was sure that the Krampus would not leave unsatisfied. Consequently, he put together a little plan. He said, “No bathroom breaks, no changing breaks, no eating breaks, no TV breaks. We sneak down the stairs and get our shoes. Then, we go out the front door.” Fortunately, there was no need for a contingency plan. When we went into the kitchen, we found only the Krampus’s walking and child whacking sticks–along with lots of Krampus hair–strewn on the floor. Later, my son pointed out that he had seen the Krampus being attacked by the puny cat (LOL), as it had tried to round the kitchen island and make its way toward us. I continue not to like this particular cat, but my son has a new found appreciation for it. He thinks it saved our lives.